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Dataplain Web Stats

Over 3,000 websites trust Dataplain to track their traffic and when you look at our list of features, you will understand why. Our mission is to be the absolute best and our service reflects that, just look at what you can do with Dataplain:
Begin Tracking in Minutes

Dataplain is fully hosted, invisible on your site, and shows reports in real-time. To install Dataplain all you need to do is cut-and-paste a small HTML code on each of your web pages, then log into Dataplain to see your stats.
Fully Hosted
Real-time Stats
Invisible on Your Site

Track Online Marketing Campaigns
Track which of your banner, email, Google, Overture, and other online campaigns are generating sales. Use that data to boost your ROI by investing in the campaigns that work and dropping the ones that do not.

Plus, study each visitor's behavior by seeing a list of every visitor referred per campaign - showing total purchases made, total money spent, total pages viewed, and the complete list of pages viewed for each visitor.
Visitors per Campaign
Acquisitions per Campaign
Earnings per Campaign
Conversion Ratio per Campaign
Earnings per Visitor
Earnings per Acquisition
List of Visitors Referred per Campaign

Track Referring Websites and Search Engines
Use Dataplain to learn where visitors are coming from by tracking which websites, search engines, and search engine keywords are referring your visitors.
Referring Sites
Referring Search Engines
Search Engine Keywords

Understand How Visitors Interact with Your Site
Decide how to improve your website design and content by understanding how visitors are interacting with your site - see how they navigate through your site, how long they stayed on each page, and which pages they exited from.
Navigation Paths
Entry and Exit Pages
Time Spent on Site and Pages
Pages Viewed per Visit
Visits per Person

Track Individual Visitors
Track how key users are using your website by having your system insert a simple HTML code that will allow you to see complete stats - including a list of every page viewed - for each of your users, listed by their usernames.

Plus, get complete stats for every website visitor, listed by IP address.
Complete List of Visitors
Full Stats for Each Visitor
Username Association

See Visitors' Locations
Discover which countries, regions, and cities your visitors are coming from with Dataplain's location reports.
Visitor Country
Visitor Region
Visitor City

Discover Visitors' Computer Settings
Design your website to be more compatible with your visitors' computer settings by discovering which operating systems, browsers, connection speeds, and languages they are using. 
Visitor OS and Browser
Visitor Language
Visitor Screen Resolution
Visitor ISP
Visitor Connection Speed

Monitor Traffic Trends
Monitor both unique visitors and page views in real-time for your entire site and each individual page. Get reports for page view and unique visitors per year, month, day of the week, and day of the month. See page views and unique visitors per each page on your website.
Tracks unique visitors and impressions
Traffic by Day, Month, Year
Traffic per URL

Sign up today for a two week free trial of Dataplain web stats. There is no risk, no obligation, and no payment information required.

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